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Car Magnets


Introducing our Premium Quality Car Magnets!

Get your message out and be seen on the go with our high-quality Car Magnets. Printed on heavy-duty glossy material, these versatile magnets are ideal for car door signage, temporary signs at construction sites, or any other changing work environments that have metal surfaces.

Or, turn your car into a mobile billboard and promote your business, introduce new products & services, and more!

Here are the key features that make our Car Magnets the best choice for your signage needs:

  • Printed on heavy-duty glossy material

  • Available in various sizes

  • Super-Fast Turnaround

  • Pricing includes quantity breaks

Examples of Popular Uses for Car Magnets:

  • Car Magnets are a versatile and cost-effective solution for companies looking to display their logos and branding on their vehicles and make a lasting impression on the go. These magnets are perfect for businesses that are always on the move, such as delivery services, food trucks, and mobile sales teams.

    • By using Car Magnets, these businesses can advertise their products or services and display their brand wherever they go, without having to invest in permanent signage.

  • For businesses operating in constantly changing work environments, such as construction sites, Car Magnets offer a flexible and temporary signage solution. Quick and easy to install and remove, these magnets provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional signs and allow businesses to change their signage as needed.

    • A construction company can use Car Magnets to display their company name and logo on their vehicles and then switch to a different sign promoting a new project when they move to a different job site.

  • With Car Magnets, businesses can also introduce new products and services to the public in a unique and creative way. By driving around town and showcasing the latest offerings, businesses can reach potential customers in a variety of settings and make a lasting impression with their branding and marketing efforts.

    • For instance, a new restaurant can use Car Magnets to advertise their latest menu offerings and create buzz about their business as they drive around town delivering food or conducting food truck events.

Choose our Car Magnets and take your message on the road with you!

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