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Rack Cards

Custom Rack Cards

Introducing Custom Rack Cards for Promoting Your Business!

Our rack cards are the perfect marketing tool for businesses in the travel and tourism industry, or for promoting products and services of all kinds!


Printed on premium quality cardstock, our rack cards are available in a popular 4" x 9" size with different coating options available at 1000+ quantities. A shrink wrapping option is also available.

With a variety of popular uses, our rack cards can help you promote anything from travel packages and restaurant menus to product promotions and informational flyers.

Here are some specific examples:

  • Restaurant / Spa Menus. Show off your menu items and specials to attract hungry customers. Highlight your unique offerings, or use photos to showcase your dishes.

  • Hotel Maps / Info Cards. Provide guests with a handy guide to your hotel, including a map of the area and information about local attractions.

  • Product / Service Promotions. Promote a special deal or limited time offer with eye-catching graphics and clear, concise information.

  • Location Maps. Show your customers where you are located with a clear and easy-to-read map.

  • Reservation Forms. Make it easy for customers to book a reservation by including a form right on your rack card.

  • Informational Flyers (Parks, Museums, etc.). Provide visitors with information about your attractions, including hours, pricing, and special events.

  • Health Services Information (Doctors Offices, Community Healthcare Offices, etc.). Give patients all the information they need, including your office hours, location, and services offered.

Our rack cards are versatile and cost-effective, making them the perfect choice for promoting your business and reaching new customers.

So why wait? Order your custom rack cards today!

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